Buffalo River Fest Park

BRFP is a three-acre public access area that gives members of the Buffalo community a place to go and relax with family and friends all year round.

Opened in June 2011, Buffalo River Fest Park was the beginning of the redevelopment along the shore of the Buffalo River. Once a bustling area for the shopping of goods and grain, the river fell victim to a period of decline s industries disappeared from the waterfront.  Through the determination of Valley Center staff and the generosity of our Funders and Partners, Buffalo River Fest Park went from a vision to reality.  This park was the epicenter and spark for what is now a bustling destination for recreation, business development, food and entertainment.

Buffalo River Fest Park initiated new opportunities, accommodating both the lake freighters to serve the remaining elevators, and introducing the river as a recreational venue for rowing, kayaking, canoeing and paddle boating. Rather than the vast industrial wasteland with overgrown weeds and debris, Buffalo River Fest Park claimed three acres and has now become a beautifully landscaped park.

The park features boat docks, a wharf, a boardwalk, trails and gardens, an amphitheater and interpretive signage.

The Tewksbury Lodge is open now as a banquet venue:

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Located at 249 Ohio St.

Find us along the Buffalo River - 200 feet east of The Michigan Ave. Life Bridge


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